Other people about Thomas

You’re nobody ‘till somebody remembers you, ideally fondly. That is why we have asked folks who accompanied Thomas to tell us about him (and to not hold back).

Cast of characters:



CFO of Ringier – ZURICH

What springs to mind when I think of Thomas?
Man of the heart / truffle pig / adventurer

Man of the heart:

Thomas loves people, knows how to inspire them and motivate them for his mission. He is wholeheartedly committed to helping people who are not as privileged.

Truffle pig:

Thomas sees opportunities that others would never have thought of.


Thomas is courageous and has and adventurous spirit and you can be sure that when travelling in Asia, he will not take you to eat the Ceasar’s Salad in a 5 star hotel, but will instead take you to the most exciting local restaurants.


… develops and realises crazy ideas
… doesn’t like to be slowed down
… does a lot of good, but doesn’t talk about it much
… doesn’t beat around the bush
… does a lot of travelling and (even more) rebooking
… likes to play a round of Jass
… takes care of his good friends (and sometimes gets on their nerves)
… has a big heart

“tut” [doer] is Thomas’s employee code at Ringier.

“cha” is no longer his Ringier assistant, today we are friends!



former assistant – ZURICH

I was introduced to Thomas and his lovely wife Marie-Françoise, at Kotoka International Airport in 2009, by our one and only pure soul, Dariu their son; Dariu was interning at the Nestlé Central and West Africa Regional office (CWAR) in Accra, Ghana, I was head of the division Corporate Affairs and Corporate Communications.

The Trübs would be in Accra all but four days, I believe, and they needed to meet this woman who had dragged their son across an African country they hadn’t encountered yet! Okay Dariu, I owed you a thousand favors for throwing you in the deep end many times, I’ll pay up and endure your parents.

But “endure” them was far from it! What lovely energy they brought! Well, after Thomas got over the first hump in the passenger seat while I drove them to their hotel; when I announced that in my opinion journalists were a pain in… “where the sun doesn’t shine.” Ooooh! “I’m a journalist” he said! The car suddenly felt too small. We started our debate. Truly, this was Dariu’s papa! By the time we got to the hotel we called a truce after he had worn me down to “some African journalists, who aren’t specialized in their area of work, are a nuisance to my profession.”

Thomas is a generous spirit. Consistently choosing abundance and creating opportunities for others to grow. Bringing Ringier to Africa was no mean feat. Why would any established Swiss family led organization want to risk that? But, they had Thomas in their cap. And what a powerful feather! He is adept at recognizing precious stones in the mud of dense madness. And he won’t stop till others see the shine.

He is an awesome charmer. And he tends to believe he can make stones breathe, and usually he can make them move telepathically. What a beautiful soul!

You’re loved, Thomas! More than we can demonstrate for you to know! “Blessings fall on you!” as the Afrobeat Davido would say.



former head of Nestlé’s Central and West Africa Corporate Affairs and Communications – ACCRA, GHANA



former media cadre – ZURICH

Thomas Trüb is a man of many talents: he knows an opportunity when he sees one, he isn’t afraid to take risks, and he’s got Ringier’s back.

In the media business, he was (and still is) a visionary, ahead of his time. Forty years ago, he already saw football as the driving force behind the TV business, sniffed out opportunities for business publications in Eastern Europe and Asia like a truffle dog. While I was producing a tame cooking show for the conservative Swiss among us, he was launching Betty’s Kitchen (with Betty Bossi) on Chinese television. Only once did he fish in troubled waters, and his idea of a roll-up screen was unsuccessful.

Thomas probably has the most fun when faced with unusual challenges. Like the one I’m about to tell you, which arose in Bucharest at the beginning of the 1990s. The four of us wanted to fly to Sofia, and tickets were available. But the airline, Tarom, regularly overbooked the weekly flight in a decrepit Antonov An-24. So we were turned back at check-in – there was no room for us. But Thomas had knowledge of Federal Councillor Jean-Pascal Delamuraz’s planned extended trip to Eastern Europe, which he was planning to undertake in three months. So he declared us diplomats who were responsible for preparing the boss’s trip, and immediately announced that there would be severe diplomatic repercussions if we were not allowed on board immediately. It worked, and the displaced passengers who had to make room for us were also allowed to travel with us

– on the floor between the rows of seats.



former controller & CFO of Ringier – ZURICH

Othmar «Otti»


Owner of an alternative bookstore - LUZERN

A few key life events shared by my friend Thomas and I.


Thomas turns up at the Fritschi in Lucerne, a place for the 68 movement’s political discussions, inquisitive and open to the dreams of the revolutionaries of the time.


We tour the Soviet Union with the “Rolling Hotel”, in search of the progress made by the Bolshevik Revolution.

The same year, we report for work in Cuba with the international Brigada 20 Aniversario. In addition to being inspired by the theory of the Cuban Revolution, Thomas met and fell in love with his future wife Muriel. Cuban Revolution and love – a truly diabolical mixture.


Foundation of the alternative iconic football club FC Inter Altstadt. A club that, in addition to sporting goals, also pursues political and cultural goals. Its guiding principle: “autonomous, collective, bold as brass, feminist, libertarian and ingenious”.

Thomas once told me that he was impressed by the book The Anarchist Banker by Fernando Pessoa. The question remains, is he the banker, the anarchist or “non-binary”? Whatever – with Thomas, solidarity and having a big social heart are the most important things!

Hugs to you, Thomas and Muriel – Venceremos! And red greetings from Meggen.



comedian and entrepreneur – WINTERTHUR

When I visited the schools supported by the Dariu Foundation in the Mekong Delta, I realised that in Vietnamese classrooms today, Thomas Trüb means at least as much as Ho Chi Minh.

Lek & Sak


Thomas is, at first glance, a very ordinary person, but with very extraordinary determination.

He is down to earth, easy living, at times introvert at other extrovert, he enjoys street food but also fine dining. He lives the way he wants, but also shows great efforts to do good things for other people – he set up, for example, a social enterprise in Vietnam to help many poor families’ children. One of the most important things: Thomas kept all the money, every dollar that he made in Vietnam, in the country. And he is continuing to support Vietnam’s poor. That, I believe, is proof of his true and beautiful heart.
Thomas is a visionary, he likes to try and explore new things. He is the world-traveler who went to a lot of places where others don’t go, he made all the way to Bhutan, Laos, even to North Korea.

All the time he is surrounded by friends. Because he is a very special charming and charismatic man he has many friends for a long, long, long time. Thomas lives his life wisely and spends his time smartly – he is enjoying every moment he can while doing good things to other people. The world needs more people like him.

My wife and myself are very happy to belong to your good friends, dear Thomas.

TT, the only one…

Five facts to support this claim, plus a poem dedicated to him.

He is the only one
of whom all my husbands were and are incredibly jealous,
who manages to lose weight at record speed
and put it back on again,
who is never in a bad mood and never gets nervous. Unless his beer is lukewarm or takes too long,
whose hairstyle has survived the decades and is still in.

Plus a poem:

For TT

Laughing warrior
Your victory
Is too light

You fight it off
Like a game
But still you want it

But if you carry it
To the grave

Horror will suddenly
Appear in
Your child’s eyes



autor – LUCERNE

I love water, with ice. And lots of alcohol.

A story about Thomas? He has landed on the verge of Europe. He was about to hire me as a journalist. Which was his job. My answer was: “Let’s have a drink in My Jazz Club”. That was it. Thomas was just amazed, and then relaxed. He would get me on board, though. Somehow, we’re still on board.

All that jazz!



film-maker – BUCHAREST

He would have made a good teacher.

Not that Thomas is insanely patient but he is terribly good at telling stories. He knows a lot, has clear opinions and is very knowledgeable about the things he does and is always passionate about. That is infectious and keeps one awake. It certainly keeps me awake. Sometimes until late at night, including midnight bratwurst and a few bottles of wine.



investor & philanthropist – ZURICH

Nguyen Van Hanh

General Manager Dariu Foundation – VIETNAM

Thomas is a real challenger to me.

I remember when I first proposed him the so called Mobile School – he was fascinated with the idea, but challenged me with a lot of questions.

Second time, when I came to Corsica, to present the results of the coding project with, at the time, a doubtful future he was a bit disappointed, angry even. Therefore challenging me again, how to continue this initiative teaching coding skills to the kids.

I left worrying, but with a lesson learned: You should never have only plan A, but always also a plan B and C et cetera when presenting to Thomas. Thanks to that today we have more than 150 mobile schools and are training over 1.2 million children in digital skills across Southeast Asia.



long-standing employee – ZURICH

Fantomas – one of the many nicknames I have heard for Thomas over the past 33 years. And a pretty fitting one too. Not that he is a mirage, not at all, but he’s somewhat of a surreal phenomenon at times: constantly on the move, always and everywhere, but never for long; he’s always on the go, as if he were running away from something, fleeing even.

He has achieved a lot and touched many – he could move mountains if he wanted to – and he’s also a rock for his close friends. If you belong to this inner circle, you can consider yourself lucky – you couldn’t wish for a better companion.

It was one of the first visits to Bucharest after we invested there in the early 1990s. On the agenda was a private lunch. The table must have been set by a relative of Bacchus; it was done up to the hilt for the great leader, who the Romanians seemed to think was me. That’s why there was only one chair at the table. When I asked where Thomas was sitting, they looked towards the next room. We ate together, of course. Thomas at the table neighboring table – where on earth would we have ended up in Eastern Europe?



publisher – ZURICH

Ola, Thomi boy – what a great time we’ve had together over the last 45 years. Firstly with Inter Altstadt, when you, a towering defender, and me, a finisher to be reckoned with, shook up the central Swiss football scene. Then there were our all-nighters spent playing the card game Belote, tennis matches where I never stood a chance and, finally, the unforgettable trips and birthday parties in Vietnam, South Africa and Corsica. And today, now that we’ve settled down a bit, the inspiring nights at your divine estate in Porticcio. Thank you for your friendship and unsurpassed generosity.



lawyer – LUCERNE



Dariu's best friend and founder of alan.com

The first time I ran into Thomas, I was just an 11-year-old boy, blissfully ignorant about the world beyond my neighborhood. Dariu, my partner in crime and one of my closest friends, was by my side.

Our mission was to craft a mind-blowing school presentation on China. A task easier said than done, especially for a couple of kids from Marseille. Enter Thomas – the reigning “China Whisperer” of our humble hometown. The man’s knowledge of the Far East was so vast, it made all books look like a local town guide. And the way he presented it was like watching an action-comedy blockbuster Sure, we were learning, but it was so engaging we hardly noticed. Our classroom turned into a stage, and we aced that presentation like rockstars, scoring the highest grade in the class.

Thomas didn’t just introduce me to the Great Wall and Kung Pao chicken, though. He gently nudged me towards entrepreneurship – showed me how to dream big, to weave work into the fabric of my life in a nourishing way, and to never stop fine-tuning my business acumen to look smart in front of the fabulous guests at his Corsican table. Heck, he even helped me tackle technical catastrophes, like defibrillating our unresponsive Wi-Fi and resurrecting the ghost printer in Porticcio.

Now, I’ve got a treasure chest full of tales, from designing websites to crisscrossing the globe – all thanks to my adventures with Thomas. Why did I follow him down these rabbit holes? Because each one was a golden ticket to the Willy Wonka factory of learning.



Philanthropist and President of the Rolf Schnyder Foundation

Thomas’s personality is as big as his smile.. 

His ambitions are as big as his belly..

When in Malaysia, he likes his belly to be filled with Char Kway Teow – smooth rice noodles quickly stir-fried to perfection at up to 1000°C. Since his discovery of this dish, he’s apparently been trying to replicate the 1000°C cooking technique in Corsica – just another sign of his tenacity in getting to and materialising whatever his goal is!

Sen Hoa

publisher of Elle Vietnam – HANOI

I’ve known Thomas for almost 28 years, I’ve started to work with him and his Ringier-Team in Hanoi ever since he first set foot to Vietnam.

My initial role, with my background and working experience at the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, was to introduce Thomas to Vietnam with it’s rich culture and also it’s red tape challenges. From the very start Thomas impressed and encouraged me to create business opportunities, which were facilitated under the Doi Moi (renovation) government policies. Thomas is a visionary, he is patient and always gets matters done, despite myriad challenges, with partners and authorities – we dug ourselves through it.

From a humble beginning with a set-up team of three people in 1993, Ringier is today, as the only accredited foreign publisher, tied into the Business Cooperation Contracts with local publishers; the company prospered and became a stand-alone legal entity with different business units under Ringier’s umbrella thanks to Thomas’s relentless effort and encouragement. I am grateful to Thomas for his guidance throughout my career with Ringier. And for his open mind plus, at times, his “out of the ordinary business ideas”, which were, nevertheless, realized until today (mostly).



former Swiss Ambassador to China, art collector – MAUENSEE

“If you can remember it, you weren’t there.”

I once read this on a wall at a bar in Tyrol. Why do I think about this? Because T has changed the narrative of his life time and again. What began in Meggen continued in Zofingen and then in – as it seemed to us at the time – the big city of Zurich. He went across the French border with his wife Marie-Françoise, known as “Muriel”, then to Eastern Europe, then he made the big leap to Asia, and then Africa, and now who knows where else. He’s always ready for a totally new challenge. This is due to his dynamic personality, which differs considerably from that of the average human. He has a lot of refreshing qualities.

Even when we revived the office in the Ringier-owned business editorial department very many years ago – which felt like the period between the wars – he was characterised by an extremely competitive drive. My existence seemed to be a motivation for him in that respect: he wanted to be better at football (and he succeeded). Be better at jumping, cycling, playing Jass, driving a car (well…).

What always impressed me was how he wrote: he sat down at the machine and visibly went into a completely different physical state; he literally penetrated the typewriter in a total state of concentration and the sentences just flowed out. I would have liked to be able to do that too.

He should be really satisfied with himself – but he probably still won’t be.



winemaker – CORSICA

Thomas, an iconoclast man, and yet conservative, is the only man that I know in Corsica who is able to put plants where the locals would pour cement… He also represents my life’s struggle; campaigning for a beautiful Corsica, in tune with nature and still reconciled with the economy.

Like a withered vine, he arrived in Corsica and found a type of symbiosis in the youthful air that made of him a true Corsican.

Thank you, Thomas.

Memory, sentinels of the past… Sentinels incarnated through Thomas, through his multiple theatrical facets that provoke the unexpected.

Our luck and our ability to laugh in any new situation, where gestures and words were his closest allies. A humorous side, the magic of special moments punctuating the passing of time.

PS: I forgot a very important detail – Thomas never loses his temper or complains, and always stays optimistic and positive.




Thomas' wife – MARSEILLE

Difficult to choose a story to tell.

My father has been present and influenced me in so many aspects of my life.

A nice anecdote comes in one of the many competitions we engaged in. This one was a cooking contest. Four teams with my father, my mum and myself competing against each other, each helped by two friends.

Each day unfolded with one team performing its best culinary creations. My father came last and we all thought he had little to no chance of winning as our dishes were all that delicious and we all knew that he almost never spends time cooking. It was without counting on my father’s creativity.

That evening we saw my father show up dressed as a grand butler. He reverently welcomed us with champagne, candles, nice music and an amazingly dressed table. We were all taken by surprise. Followed by a well-served 4-course-menu, including a revisited tomato carpaccio, beef filet with orange dressing and a delicious lemon cake.

Till today some of us debate my father’s win. Some over the fact that he didn’t really cook and mainly gave instructions, some because they felt he had an unfair advantage having attributed himself the role of jury president. Yet we all agreed that he got the best of us that evening with his amazing set-up.



Thomas' Son – CORSICA



photographer – ZURICH

Since Thomas came into my life, or rather stormed into my life, a lot has changed. There is no more “until the day after tomorrow”, but everything happens in the now. It’s almost a bit Buddhist. And that not only refers to his state of mind, but often also to his geographical location. It no longer surprises me when I phone him and he answers from Bali, Myanmar or Lucerne.

He is impetuous, usually right and he enriches my life.

And I can hardly believe that he has been married to Marie-Francoise for 50 years now. How old is the eternal lad? I see, sure, he was already sexually mature at the age of five.



editor – PRAGUE

Only a month or so had passed since the velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia, in 1989, and I was looking for investors to launch an economical weekly. I hadn’t thought about addressing Swiss publishers, although Swiss investors had shown an interest in building an airport in Karlovy Vary.

Unexpectedly, Thomas Trüb called announcing that he would be coming to Prague and was interested in media-ventures, at the time he was the editor-in-chief of the new weekly Cash. We met and exchanged greetings – then we went to have a beer. After the fifth we began to understand each other very well, we had already discussed a joint venture – the first between an easter and a western company in the media-industry. After the tenth beer we had a deal. And shortly that we started the economical weekly Profit, published in Prague, an extension of Cash.

Thomas was in many ways my guru and I have learned a lot from him. He was not merely a man, for us he was a phenomenon and phantom – two or three hours of sleep per night seemed enough for him to be in great shape the next busy day.

I was on my way to Mombasa 9 years ago (2014). Thomas launched Ringier’s next big strategic offensive there, in Kenya: Africa. After Eastern Europe and Asia, now Africa. So he invited me to Mombasa for a first board meeting of the newly founded Africa team.

After a long journey, the receptionist politely told me: “Mister Thomas expects you in 30 Minutes, please just follow the signs Beach Club.” He welcomed me amicably and cheerfully as always. Not in the classic smart casual outfit, as managers do. But in shorts and bare feet and with a beer in his hand.

We are still invested in Africa today. And we are now leading the way, with digital marketplaces (jobs, real estate) and the digital media brand Pulse, which reaches 50 million Africans.




Thomas was a member of the Ringier Executive Board at the same time as I was. First as Head of Eastern Europe/Asia, then later responsible for Business Media and Asia. These terms in no way conclusively describe Thomas’s field of activity – he took all other responsibilities for himself.

He was unconventional, liked to rock the boat, always on the lookout for new opportunities, always on the go, a deal maker, more of a truffle pig than a hunting dog, could be disciplined by few people, a gourmet.

But above all, and still to this day: a friend you can count on.



former CEO of Ringier publishing house – ZURICH

He was my “pen” when I was at Ringier, and he graduated from journalism school.

Later on, in 1977, I got Thomi on board as my deputy at Bilanz magazine. We had a German advisor at the time, Paul C. Martin, who has since passed away. Paul and I had a row one evening, after which I went to what was our local at the time, the Au, to wash down the anger with a beer or two. Paul followed me, sat down at my table and threatened to beat me up. Then Thomi came along and said to Paul: “If you go after Andreas, you’ll have to fight the two of us. So think it over carefully.” Paul left and I dismissed him that same evening. I will never forget how Thomas stood up for me without batting an eyelid and without me asking him to.



former editor-in-chief – ZURICH

My Who's Who

A few thousand days of private and business life in the world – hopefully that leaves traces, one or two footprints. And what used to be called a “full Rolodex,” a well-filled address book. Here are the entries in my life’s Rolodex up to this point. Due to my age, I have undoubtedly forgotten many, many people who are important to me. Thanks for your indulgence – and feel free to complete the list!


Peter Achten
Judith Ackermann Kaufmann
Awatif Adnane
Kurt Aeschbacher
Thomas Albert
Caterina Ammann
Mathieu Anonciade
Christian Antona
Quynh Arguello
Charlotte Auer
Claude Auer
Min Thu Aung


Raymond Bär
Miro Baranovic
Michel and Marie Barazza
Roman Bargezi
Nicole Barras
François and Marie-Louise Barrazza
Annabella Bassler
Christoph Bauer
Patrick Baumberger
Gerard Beauvois and his wife
Walid Ben Yaala
Georg Benes
Bruno Bensaid
Abhijit Bera
Erich Berchtold
Thomas Bergen
Dgao Binh
Xavier Bisgambiglia
Jean-Michel Bisgambiglia
Antoine Bisgambiglia
Fanfan Bisgambiglia
Paul and Gilberte Bisgambiglia and their children Jerome and Ghislaine
Evelyn Blickensdorf
Luis Bochud
Eckhard Bollmann
Antoine Boninu
Jeannine Bouloudnine Krief
Marcus Brauchli
Yvonne Braun
Hannes Britschgi
Rolf Brönnimann
Urs Brotschi
Karl Bühlmann
Uli Burgerstein
Hanspeter Bürgin
Benno Burkhardt
Andy and Claudia Burn
Francois Buxeda


Pauline Canessa and her children
Stéphane Carpentier
Bertrand and Brigitte Carree
Henri Casasoprana and his daughters
Jerome and Michelle Casasoprana and family
Brigitte and Eric Castella
Marco Castellaneta
Professor Cat
Christina Ceccato and her family
Dede Celli
Caroline Celli and family
Silvia Cerisola
Nathalie Chappelet
Ariane Chemin
Ma Chen
Jeanne Chiappini
Dominique Clance, his children and his friend Vincent
Guillaume Claverolas
Gilles Colombani, his children and Karen
Clive Costa-Correa
Colin Crowell
Erich Cucci
Beat Curti
Regula Curti


Christophe D’orey
Adi Dassler
Butz De Castro
Louise De Martini and her daughters
Roger De Weck
Alexandra Debrunner
Marc Degen
Cecilia Dei-Anang
Jacques Delaleuf
Annemarie Delbarade
Ingrid Deltenre
Tashee Dema
Choki Dema
David Deubelbeiss
Fibo Deutsch
Hans Dichand
Rolf Dobelli
Christian Dorer
Werner Dubach
Annemarie Dubs
Adrian Dudle
Ross Dunkley


Lea Eberle
Franz Egle
Guido Egli
Martin Enderle
Eon family


Daniel Fallet
Chono Felber
Florian Fels
Robert Ferguson
Henri and Cecilia Fernandez
Pascal Fessler
Georges Filippi and his children
Hans Fischer
Leo Fischer
Ueli Flörchinger
Mario Fontana
Max Frei
Oscar Frei
Felix Frei
Otti Frey
Johannes Freiesleben
Lilith Frey
Peter Friedli
Dölf Früh
Fredy Fuchs


Daniel Gadelrab
Herve Galli
Oliver Ganz
Jacques-Antoine Garigua
Agustin Gau
Kristelle Gauche
Vincent Gauffreau
Martina Gauss
Viktor Giacobbo
Lolo Giordani
Markus Gisler
Nano Gluck and his children
Marc Goertz
Lisa Gokongwei
Barry C. Goodridge
Thomas D. Gorman
Hedy Graber
Markus Graber
Hanspeter Graf
Cecile Grasselli
Brigitte Gregoire
Jean-Jacques Grisbi
Laurent Grisoli
Daniel Grossen
Marco Guasso
Paul Guedon and family
Angeau Guerrini
Angeot Guerrini
Marie Aleria and Jean-Claude Guibourdenche and their children
Willy Gyger


Lukas Hadorn
Daniela Häfliger
André Häfliger
Marius Hagger
Nguyen Van Hanh
Peter Hammer
Fredy Hämmerli
Peter Hartmeier
Amanda Harwey
Peter Hauser
Simon Häusermann
Mike Hay
Ladina Heimgartner
Markus Helbling
Marianne Heller
Urs Heller
Klaus Hempel
Françoise and Michel Hermanowicz
Yopie Hidayat
Kevin Hinder
Thai Hoa
Bui Hoa
Sen Hoa
Nick Hoesli
Stefanie Holm
Ben Hong
Peter Hossli
Nina Huber
Willy Huber
Roman Huber
Daniel Hügli
Dan Husaru
Richi Hüsler
Lek Hutanuwat
Sak Hutanuwat
Thomas Huwiler
Jörg Huwyler


Mourad Ibr
Otto Ineichen
Jeremy and Emilie Izzo


René C. Jäggi
Markus Jann
Qin Xiao Je
Alain Jeannet
Rolf M. Jeker
Heidi Joos
Emö Josza
Ann-Veruschka Jurisch


Laurent Kaestli
Praxedis Kägi
Ines Kaindl
Fritz Kaiser
Thomas Kaiser
Ueli Kaltenried
Christian Kämmerling
Douglas Kaplan
Klaus Kappeler
Martin Kathriner
Daniel Keller
Michal Klima
Jiri Klusacek
Mark Kohout
Joszef Koning
Roger Köppel
Tien Ton Köppel
Antreas Koualis
Sebastian Kübler
Katharina Kukiolka
Aleandra Kwan


Xavier Lacombe
Thomas Ladner
Katharina Lanfranconi
Steve Landman
Lisha Landoldt
Michele Landolt
Thomas Landolt
Marcel Lätsch
Jean Leandri
Andy Lehmann
Henri Leimer
Louk Lennaerts
Jürgen Lenz
Silvia Lepiarczyk
Filippo Leutenegger
Ruedi Leuthold
Xiao Li
Manuel Liatowitsch
Renata Libal
Heinrich Liechtenstein
Laetitia Lienhart
Wu Lijuan
Dickson Lim
Stefan Linder
Xu Linfei
Evelyne Lingg
Robin Lingg
Jiyang Liu
Richard Liu
Ting Liu
Didier and Dominique Llorens
Christoph Loeb
Kaspar Loeb
Mickael Longoni
Christa Löpfe
Philipp Löpfe
Daniel Lubetzky
Marie Antoinette, Pierre-Jean and Marie-Ange Lucciani
Khadija and Martin Lucciani and family
Fridolin Luchsinger
Hong Luo
Karl Lüönd
Heini Lüthy
Walter Lütolf
Andy Lupu


Christoper Ma
Maurice Machenbaum
Hans Mahr
Ben Mainha
Christophe Maire
Aditya Malik
Mariza, Bernhard, Antoine Manzi
Seraphin and Monique Manzzagi and their children
Richi Marbacher
Caroline Margelist
Florence Mariko and her children
Nathalie Markendorf
Peter Marti
Francette Martinetti
Marie-Fançoise Mascaro
Ruedi Matter
Thomas Matter
Otto Meier
Laurent Melchior
Peter Mertus
Frank A. Meyer
Thomas D. Meyer
Maurice Michon
Debasish Mitter
Ernesto Moor
Michael Moppert
Xavier Moretti
Stefan Muff
Karin Mülchi
Christian Müller
Martina Müller
Carolina Müller-Möhl
Tim Murray


Rinzin Namgay
Syoum Negassi
Valentin Negoita
Michelle Nesa Ribuot and family
Roman Netzer
Pham Thi Thuy Nga
Esther Nguyen
Henry B. Nguyen
Bui Minh Nguyet
Claus Niedermann
Manuela Nieth
Sabina Niggli
Peter Nobel
Dale Nottingham


Seppi Odermatt
Zur Oren
Dominique Ortelli
Nenette and Gigi Ortelli Bisgambiglia
Hans Ott
Anthony Oundjian
Michael Overmeyer


Tewe Pannier
Bela Papp
Thomas Passen
Steffen Pauls
Marie-Laurence Pelletier
Stephane Pelletier
Ginette Pelletier
Alain Pelletier
Cyril Pereira
Christian Peres
Denise and Jean Peres and their children
Roberto Perot
Marcel Perren
Angel Petrelli
Alain Piazzola
Jean-Benoit Pietri and his family
Jacques Pilet
Bb Pinzuti
Paul, Marianne and Simon Pinzuti
Ginou and Frederique Pinzuti
Jean Pierre Pinzuti
Rose Pinzuti
Marie-Josephine Pinzuti
Louis Pinzuti, his sisters and brothers
Vanina Poli
Stefan Preiss
Franz Probst


Xiaoli Qin


Louis and Antoine Raffi
Patrick Raguet
Karl Reichmuth
Rudi Renk
Sabrina Rhomberg
Frederic Ries
Annette Ringier
Ellen Ringier
Michael Ringier
Simone Rinieri Grimaldi
Florent Rocca-Serra
Hanspeter Rohner
Urs Rohner
Georges Roos
Maya Roos
Famille Rossi
Peter Rothenbühler
Tevia Rothman
Nadine Ruben
Ulli Rubner
Edwin Rudolf
Erich Ruppen
Stephan Ruppen


Martin Saidler
Joseph Salasca and family
Mohamed Salawi and family
Manuel Salvisberg
Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve
Leandro Sanchez
Angel Marie Santinacci Bisgambiglia
Famille Scarbonchi
Toni Scarbonci
Kurt Schaad
Bernd Schanzenbächer
Dieter Schaub
Konstantin Schumann
Roger Schawinski
Dahlia Scheindlin
Peter Schellenberg
Urban Scherrer
Hans Schneeberger
Philippe Schneuwly
Petr Schönfeld
Chai Schnyder
Manuela Schranz
Gerhard Schröder
Susanne Schroff
Pascal Schumacher
Dirk Schütz
Matthias Schwaibold
Jann Schwarz
Karl Schweri
Martin Seidler
Silvie Seidlitz
Odafe Sideso
Ivo Sieber
Daniel Siegfried
Peter Siegrist
Rita Sigg
Uli Sigg
Romano Simioni
Patrick Simmen
Mehdi Smirani
Marco Solari
John Soleanicov
Alain Spadoni
Peter Spiegel
Martin Spieler
Barbara Stamm
René Stammbach
Pavel Stanchev
Ursulina Stecher
Marie-Fançoise Steffani
Rüdi Steiner
Thomas Sterchi
Anne Stevenson-Yang
Walter Stierli
George Straton
Nicolas and Vanina Stromboni
Peter Strüven
Rudolf Studhalter
Olivier Subra
Dario Suter
Susan Sy


Joely Tafanalo
Nirina Tafanalo
Mehdi and Said Tamba
Marc-Antoine Tamba
Dominique Tamba Bisgambiglia
Pierre Tami
Daniel Terzoni
Gilles Testou
Jean C. Texier
Alexander Theobald
Aung Thura
Le Phi Phuog Thuy
Guido Tognoni
Christoph Tonini
Jacques Trachsler
Anh Tran
Tobias Trevisan
Jo Tricanti
Benthe Trüb
Michael Trüb
Vreni Trüb
Christine Tsouras
Simon Tuck


Christian Unger


Pierre Valada
Bruno Valsangiacomo
Alberto Venzago
Rasool Verjee
Jean-Michel Vernes and family
Pierin Vincenz
Hansi Vogt
Charlotte Von Körber
Michal Voráček


Munyutu Waigi
Marc Walder
Felix Walker
Priska Wallimann
Johann Walser
Jorg Weytjens
Martin Werfeli
Urs Wietlisbach
Sacha Wigdorovits
Paul Wolfisberg
Scott C. Wong
Alfons Wüest


Muhammad Yunus


Zarzelli family
Pascal Zemp
Siegfried Zettel
Andreas Z’Graggen
Lizha Zhang
Kurt W. Zimmermann
Christiane Zu Salm

Catherine, Dominique, Jeanne, Justin and Patricia
Yoco and family
Mallory and Chantal
Nahla, Brahim and Mohammed
Bali, Leila and family
Vincent, Estelle, Lou and Violette
Amina and family
Anne, Leonie and family